HIGHLIGHTS: Week 4: 24 - 30 January 2019

HIGHLIGHTS: Week 4: 24 - 30 January 2019
Week IN Week UIT nr. 4

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Cléo De 5 À 7 - exploring Cinema

This magnificent near real-time film is Agnès Varda’s most well-known feature and considered part of the French nouvelle vague canon.

Following Cléo, a coquettish cabaret singer, as she wanders the streets of Paris while awaiting the possibly dire results of a cancer test, Varda traces the inner growth of her female protagonist from constructed feminine ideal to more fully realized person over the course of an eventful afternoon. Featuring cameos by Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina, Cléo De 5 À 7 at once vividly captures the era in which it was made while continuing to resonate over time.

Lumière Cinema

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Opening Three Exhibitions in Bonnefantenmuseum

A Posthumous Collaboration - Ine Schröder and her Archive. In a double exhibition and a comprehensive publication, the Bonnefantenmuseum is focusing on the ground-breaking artistry of Ine Schröder (1951 Heerlen – Maastricht 2014). Mainly active within the art scene of the Euregion.

Dan Walsh: Pressing Matter. The ornamental abstraction of this veteran American painter is rooted in the economical visual idiom of minimal painting from the 1960’s and 70’s.

Beating Time - Collection presentation contemporary art. With guest contributions from R.W. Beerens, Chantal Le Doux, Andrea Éva Györi, Marianne van der Heijden †, and Servie Janssen †.

Thursday January 24 | 6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. | Bonnefantenmuseum
Free admission
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Opening Mosa design exhibition

An exhibition of designs by the Mosa Design team, featuring iconic designers like Edmond Baby and Pieter Stockmans. Beauty and functionality are key to these designs. In this exhibition, Centre Céramique wants to emphasise the shape and beauty of the material and the designs by placing them outside the normal context of the coffee table and into a museum setting. By approaching these pieces from another perspective, it becomes apparent that there is room for the artistic qualities of the designers to shine through. The designers created aesthetic, functional and affordable designs with a timeless style, now immortalised in porcelain.

Friday January 25 | 2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. | Centre Céramique
Free admission
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Night of the Classical Music

It’s now a tradition: the Night of the Classical Music at Conservatorium Maastricht. This year’s edition will be held on Saturday 26 January 2019 from 7.00 p.m. Until long after midnight, over a hundred different classical mini concerts will be performed all around the building by young talent, students and teaching staff from Conservatorium Maastricht. The Night of the Classical Music provides the perfect opportunity to get to know all sides of Conservatorium Maastricht’s Classical Department during the informative sessions. Get a sense of the atmosphere, meet the students and teaching staff, explore the city and enjoy the concerts of the Night of Classical Music.

Saturday 26 January | 7.00 p.m. | Conservatorium, Bonnefantenstraat 15
Free admission
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Patricia Guerrero - Distopía

Dancer in Focus of the Flamenco Biennial 2019, Patricia Guerrero (1990) is the great flamenco star in the making. After her starring role in Andrés Marín’s Don Quixote, the dancer from Granada proves herself again in Distopía.

This is her second solo performance as one of the most talented and original dancers of her generation seeking a new language of Flamenco. Guerrero’s body sparkles with flamenco, drawing the most amazing geometric figures. Playful, light footed, but with a supernatural power in her feet. Her rhythmic body erupts in Distopía, a story about female power and vulnerability in an ideal society. The Dutch philosopher Hans Achterhuis wrote that “utopia turns into a dystopia if people are hit in their intimate being: romantic love, fear, anger.” Patricia Guerrero plays and dances from these emotions between dream and reality, truth and madness in a pulsating flamenco soundscape. Energetic, with a slight nod to Pina Bausch. “A theatrical beast, a dancer with supernatural power and appearance” wrote the Spanish press. Patricia Guerrero: A Star is Born.

Sunday January 27 | 8.00 p.m. | Theater aan het Vrijthof
€ 32
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It It Anita

The Liège band It It Anita with their 90s noiserock riffs and primal cries may seem fairly uncomplicated, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear subtle nuances and intriguing sub layers. Besides a seething fire, there’s also intense desire, paralysing fear, anger and restlessness.

Monday January 28 | 8.00 p.m. | Muziekgieterij
€ 4
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Post Ghost Bust

In line with ancient Asian traditions granny Joyce Radesey (originally from Indonesia, but residing in the Netherlands) will tell ghost stories from her homeland during the event Granny’s Ghost Story. This event - initiated by Van Eyck participants Aram Lee, Chen Jhen and Donghwan Kam – is organised within the framework of the Post Ghost Bust In-Lab, an extension of an academic research investigating the figure of the ghost in colonised Asian countries. This event is organised in the framework of the Post Ghost Bust In-Lab, initiated by Van Eyck participants Aram Lee, Chen Jhen, together with Donghwan Kam.

Workshop will be in Dutch with English subtitle.

Tuesday January 29 | 7.00 p.m. | Lumière Cinema

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